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Sep 2, 2015

 22ND AGM OF THE COMPANY ON 29.09.2015

Sep 9, 2014

DECLARATION OF RESULTS OF POSTAL BALLOT (Please go to Notices and Docs Link)


Wrap Certification

The Company's core values on safety, occupational health, environmental stewardship and respect for people permeate all of its actions and will continue to guide its decisions and actions in the future. The Company's commitment to environmental, health and safety processes is practised by the leadership and at all levels of management. The Company takes all reasonable and practicable steps to protect occupational health and safety of employees, community, and the environment affected by its process, products and services. It was all due to the emphasis on Social Responsibility that the Company got Certification from Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (W.R.A.P.) USA, a Voluntary Non Profit Organization which certifies Health, Safety, Welfare measures and compliance with Govt. and other Regulatory Authorities laws and bye laws by a Apparel/Textile Unit.

BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) CERTIFICATION
The Company, heading towards good Corporate Social Responsibility,  also got   BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) CERTIFICATION. European retail companies and associations have developed a common monitoring system simplifying and standardizing the requirements and individual monitoring procedures. The BSCI is based on the labour standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other important international regulations like the UN Charta for Human Rights, as well as on national regulations. The Initiative aims at continuously improving the social performance of suppliers, leading to Best Practice like SA8000 certification or equivalents and thus sustain ably enhancing working conditions in factories worldwide. The Certification achieved by the Company in the true sense reflects the true spirit of the Company in improving working conditions, social health, safety, welfare and good corporate practices. Besides the company would be able to get the confidence of EU based customers by ensuring good social compliance.


C-TPAT stands for Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism and it is just that: a partnership, or relationship, that a company voluntarily builds with customs to ensure the movement of it’s supply chain on the company’s side and to reassure customs that the company is not importing anything hazardous into the U.S.  C-TPAT focuses on “securing company’s supply chains with regards to terrorism.”  It has no doubt its imperative benefits as the Foreign buyer get more relied about the Company’s Risk Management System and Safety and Security procedures adopted. 


Bhandari Hosiery has established a complete vertical setup within house facilities for:

  1. Yarn Spinning
  2. Azo Free Dyeing
  3. Knitted Fabrics Production
  4. Fabric Dyeing, Printing, Finishing
  5. Shrinkage Controlled / Compacted Fabrics Manufacturing
  6. Modern Stitching Unit for Garments
  7. State of the Art Garments Finishin
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